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If you are a reporter looking for a quote from a Santa Fe real estate expert, then use the form below to contact Darlene Streit or feel free to call her at 505.920.8001. Darlene can provide insight into the Santa Fe real estate market, home sales, current real estate market conditions, and other topics related to Santa Fe real estate.

Phone: 505.920.8001

Real Estate Market

If you’re looking for a quote on the current conditions of Santa Fe real estate market, then Darlene Streit can provide you with more information: 505.920.8001

Home Sales in Santa Fe

Darlene Streit has been recognized as the #1 Broker for home sales in Santa Fe for four years straight. If you are doing an article on home sales, contact her at 505.920.8001

Celebrity Home Sales

Darlene Streit has handled several celebrity home sales, including Val Kilmer’s Santa Fe Ranch sale. If you are looking for a quote on a celebrity sale or purchase of Santa Fe property, call Darlene at 505.920.8001

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Darlene Streit

Darlene Streit

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